Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Pregnant

Congratulations are in order, you are pregnant! This is the time you will be going through a lot of changes, to top it all, you will receive tons of advice from all angles and from every one of every age. Information overload leaving you confused and restless. With so much going on with you, your body and people around you, there are a few things you have to keep in mind when you are expecting your bundle of Joy. 

Get the medical stuff sorted 

Read articles and pregnancy books. They tell you things the way they are without adding the extra seasoning of culture and old wives tales. It will make things clear to you for what your body is going through and what you can expect. Get yourself a doctor, someone you’re going to be comfortable talking to. Keep a tab on the tests you might have to take and the vitamins you need during your pregnancy. Get your scan scheduled and your appointments fixed. Keep the number of your doctor handy for whenever you are in doubt and feel you need to call the doctor.

Plan everything 

You know what you need. Plan what you will do in which circumstance. Where you are going to give birth, who will be there with you, what method of birthing you are going to adopt, which drug you are alright with and warn your doctor against other pain killers if you don’t want them. You also need to book a wedding photo in Hong Kong session to capture all your different stages of being pregnant. 

Prepare you bag

Get you hospital things sorted for when the time comes. Look into everything you might need, it is always better to keep something you may not need than not take something that you will need. It is okay to have extras on hand so pack everything that may have the slightest chance of being needed when you are at the hospital. 

Make a scrapbook 

Yes this is a bit different than the other things you need to keep in mind. But it is now that you have the time to invest in a scrapbook for your child. Stick you first pregnancy photography 
in, mark the dates and the highlight of your pregnancy. Once the baby arrives, you are not so much as going to have the time to go to the bathroom let alone make a scrapbook, so use this time to do it now. 

Prepare your house 

Prepare your house to receive your baby. When you get home with your baby, you are not going to have the time to look to your home for a few months, so prepare it now. Pack away things that you don’t need and keep things that you will handy. Get a room prepared for you and your baby. A place where all your things and baby things are sorted in one place. When you are prepared, you are at ease. You know what is coming and you are prepared to face it. So it is never too late to start planning.