How To Plan A Small Wedding?

You may think that it’s quite easy to chalk out a plan for your small wedding. But, it seems easier only. By shorting your guest list and not booking a large venue, you can save a lot of money. But, still you have to know a bit of more things.

Estimation of your budget – You must estimate your budget beforehand. Calculate that how much you need to spend on the food stuffs, DJs, wedding video from Gold Coast, caterer and so on. Discuss about such things with your groom. Fix a budget and try to stick to it to avoid wastage of excess of money on unnecessary things.

Things to be known – It’s your wedding and like others you have to hire photographers as well as videographers to cease each and every moment in photos and videos. You can hire a relatively new but skilled videographer to take wedding videos as such a person will cost less money. It is a fact that videography for wedding is a little different from general photography. So, before hiring any person for taking the videos, just have a look at their previous work. Ask them to show you the previous work and wedding films in short, so that you can get an idea about their working style.

More info – It is not easy for a would-be bride to look after all the arrangements of her wedding day. So, to less some burdens from your shoulder, you can hire a wedding planner. Know about the wedding planner’s skills and ideas to decorate your wedding venue before hiring them. If you like the wedding planner’s decorative and creative ideas, then you must hire her. You can hire a florist too. A florist is the only person to give good suggestions about flowers. And he can tell you that which flowers must be used to decorate the wedding venue.

 Merits to be known – There are numerous merits of doing a small wedding. The short guest list will save your money and you can interact well with your each and every guest. But, in a big fat wedding, you can only manage to say ‘Hi’ to your guests as it’s not possible for you to greet about 700 guests every minute. So, you will stress less and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. You can invite the most significant ones of your life and your bride’s life. A small wedding will keep everything simple and sweet till the very end.